Friday, February 13, 2015

She stole my heart like a ninja...literally.

Marinn... she is one of the most thoughtful and caring children I have ever met.  She was my first little baby and has taught so many things the last 8 years.

Last night we went to finish some birthday shopping for Taurin.  Marinn was very excited to be a part of the shopping trip and was very involved in every aspect.  She gave lots of great insight for cupcake decorations and when I tried to change my mind after making some decisions she said, "Mom, let's stay focused here.  Don't get side tracked."

As we were browsing some Valentine's cards for Andrew she came across one that was a sort of pop up.  As she opens it up it was this drawn hairy legs and polka dot boxer shorts and the second she opened it I was like, "Whoa! Put that one back!" She calmly puts it back and says, "Well that one is inappropriate."

She loves looking at greeting cards, all the songs and sparkles and fun paper we had fun looking through them and I found what I was looking for then we moved on to some presents for Taurin.

As we checked out she asks to help load the bags... which is very common with my children so I agree and she's very diligent in getting them in the cart immediately.  We had a great time shopping and finish up with a chocolate milk shake and some chicken nuggets from Chic-fil-A.

Once we get home she rushes inside and as I see her turn the corner I notice she seems to be concealing something in her jacket but I can't really tell what it is.  I ask her what she has and she just says she's going to take her jacket off.  I get caught up in the unloading of bags and don't really think anything of it.
Then, she comes up and suggests that I come up stairs with her and we change into pajamas.  She seem very set on me doing it right then and I agree thinking she just has enjoyed spending some time with me and wants to finish it off.
She heads to her room and I head to mine.  As I walk in the bedroom I notice a glittery, fancy Valentine card on my dresser.  I think... hmmm Andrew is really early this year.  OR... oh no! Did Marinn steal a card for me??  I open the card and find an adorable handwritten "I love you mom! From: Marinn" inside the card.  My heart sinks at the thought of Marinn wanting to give me a special Valentine card by stealing it.  I am conflicted thinking what I will do if that is the case.  I believe she knows better not to steal but I did not pay for that card.  Then I remember her act like she was hiding something the second we got home.  What am I going to do?!?

I call her into my room and she is so light and bouncing and proud as she sees the card in my hand.  I tell her that it was very nice and thoughtful but that I needed to know something.

"Did you steal this card Marinn??"

"NO Mom! I didn't.  You paid for it." she says surely

"No Marinn I didn't."

"Yes, you did. Remember when I was helping with the bags and I held that one up in your face for you to put in the cart?"

"Yes. I do" I remember her doing it and surprisingly this is not something new for me while shopping.  I remember thinking sheesh... just put it in the cart you don't have to shove it in my face.

"Well, when I put that in your face I handed my card to the lady and she rung it up.  It was only one dollar."

I flipped the card over and look at the price... $6.97.  "Marinn this card was not a dollar."

"I checked the receipt when we left I saw it on there I know she did it mom."  She says.

She did ask to look at the receipt when we were leaving the store and I let her.  She looked at it and mentioned how man $1 items we purchased in our trip and handed it back to me.  Now I believe her but I want to see the receipt... mostly to prove to myself how easily distracted I am.  And there it is right in the middle of all my other purchases, the $6.97.

I am just amazed that my ninja child has someone snuck a card into the cart, retrieved it, distracted me while passing it to the cashier, verified her purchase, and retrieved it again before coming into the house.  I am soo pleased with her.  She really had a desire to do something special.  Marinn loves to give gifts!  And the biggest gift of all was her ability to keep her morals in tact all while getting me a sweet card... that I literally bought for myself without knowing it!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hero's and Hummingbirds

As I picked up the kids from school, Taurin excitedly told me that she got to draw a picture of her hero in school.  I thought that was great and asked who she drew.  She said, "Mom! You can read?!"  as she help up her paper with the drawing.  As I looked in the rear view mirror to see her drawing I saw the cute m-o-m drawn under her picture.  "Oh! And this is your Octopus car!!" She exclaimed.  (There was a interesting looking vehicle next to my portrait.)  I asked why I drove and Octopus car and Marinn jumped in and explained I was a super hero and that's why I was driving the Octopus car.  My heart was filled with joy and I expressed to Taurin how much I appreciated it.   
Later that evening we were looking over her school work and came across the picture again.  I asked her why she drew me, she thoughtfully said.  "Well, I started out drawing Daddy but I made his hair too long so I changed it into you."  I couldn't help but laugh at her honesty.  As I started looking closer at the picture you could see where she had drawn short hair (for Andrew) and then I think she probably started out drawing his cop car, but when she made the mistake with the hair she turned it into my Octomobile because I obviously don't drive a cop car.  She is such a funny kid... I love her randomness! 

Earlier this week we were at the park and Taurin and the boys were hiding in and out of the bushes making "camp sites" and having a great time.  On the drive home this is the conversation I had with Taurin.... 

Taurin: Mom! I found a hummingbird at the park! It had a broken wing!"
Me: Oh My!! Was it alive?!? 
Taurin: Yes!  I found a piece of tape and fixed it's wing and it flew away.  
Me: Oh...................... well, I'm soo glad you were there to help. 


****no hummingbirds were hurt, present, close, or taped in the making of this blog post****

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's 2013

Marinn had to make a Valentine's Box or animal for school and so we decided to let Taurin and Shaw make one too... Can you guess who's is who's??

 Marinn specifically suggested that we not give her "Love Bug" any front teeth... Hmmm I wonder where she got that idea??

Taurin carried around her butterfly pretty much all day... Her name was Lizzie.  How do you like Taurin's all pink outfit?  I thought it was so fitting for the day.  

I didn't get a picture with Shaw and his monster guy but he had a great time suggesting all the colors and accessories for him.  He especially loved the pipe cleaners.  

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Friday, December 28, 2012

A little taste of Christmas...

I just wanted to post two of my favorite pictures from Christmas....

The first one is from Christmas Eve when we were about to put all the kids to bed and Andrew was telling them what Christmas is all about (baby Jesus etc...).  He wanted them to be attentive and they were doing great, then in the midst of it I capture this split second of a moment where Shaw is reminding Blaize to pay attention... and well, Blaize is doing what little brothers do best.  Why the girls look like zombies?? I think they are exhausted.  **Kelly: That striped blanket in the one you gave me a few years back for Christmas, that I'm pretty sure you got at an amazing black friday sale... it is one of our favorites and is constantly being fought over**

This next one is from Christmas morning at my mom's when the whole family comes together to open presents after opening all the presents at our own houses.  I feel like this one just needs a caption.  It's my niece Tearony.

"With my mind on my money and my money on my mind!" 

Friday, December 14, 2012

Let's DO THIS!!

Tonight was our churches annual Christmas concert.  I wanted to go but was trying to figure out how to fit it in with Andrews crazy work schedule and 4 children.  I decided to just throw in the towel and pass on this years festivities.
Then this afternoon as I'm on the phone with my sister she mentions that she is going to the concert and suggest that I come along.  I express my concern that attempting an hour + concert with 4 kids doesn't really sound like something that will put me in that holiday spirit.  She suggest I pull out the secret weapon.... Candy.
I give it some thought and make the decision... let's DO THIS!

Being a mother of 4 young children I have come to realize that being a mom has A LOT to do with planning and preparation... so I made a plan.

-Gather Supplies:
     -$7 worth or candy = 1 bag of suckers, 1 bag of gummy bears, 1 bag chocolate covered raisins.
     -Large bottle of water (to wash down all that candy).
     -Blaize's sippy cup with fresh milk.
     -Wipes... lots of wipes.
     -Single stroller = to lock down the little one.
     -Hearty Bear. This is Blaize's favorite stuffed animal pal.... he just makes life a bit happier.

-The game plan:
     -Divide and conquer. Split up the children between my sisters kids who are helpful, older, and distracting and my sister.
     -Lock down Blaize in the stroller so he has limited movement.  He runs fast we don't want him taking off.
     -Distraction = let them enjoy a sucker so they think they are just hanging out eating candy when actually they are enjoying O Holy Night.

The result....

We choose a nice seat on the second row.... now some of you might be saying, "What are you thinking?!? Sit in the back!"  But sitting in the second row gives you great motivation to keep everyone obedient and quiet and it also gives you and them a great view of the show.
All the kids did fabulous.  Blaize enjoyed the large screens that always seemed to have some kind of movement playing on them that he found quite mesmerizing.  He also realized it was cool to clap and cheer on the second to last song.  Shaw enjoyed a nice comfortable lounge with his head rested on Aspyn's lap and his feet elevated on my sisters lap... such a dude.  Marinn and Taurin did so great the only time I knew they were there is when they were asking for another sucker.
Overall I would say it was a success... but when they say it takes a village to raise a child I would totally agree.  I couldn't have done it without my sister's family helping me out and helping my family enjoy the holiday festivities.

Don't think you've missed out on the Christmas concert fun because they are doing it again tomorrow night!! And guess what? Tomorrow night they offer child care ; ) ; )  (You might be asking why I just didn't go tomorrow night...well, that because I'll be there to watch your kids!  Don't worry I'm leaving the candy home.)

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Some things you don't want to forget...

There are some things that you don't want to forget....

Shaw demonstrating proper thumb etiquette.

Blaize asking his sister for a hug.

Does it get any cuter than this?!?!  I love these boys!

Christmas Decorating:Memory Making

Since we don't have a mantel,  we found a new place to hang our stockings this year.  I particularly like this idea because it's about 2 feet or more higher than any of my children can reach... perfect! 

We also devised this space saving placement of our tree... that's right we put it right on top of the coffee table in the corner.  I really like this because there are no lights in this living room and it always seems dim in the evenings.  I'm considering just leaving the tree up all year so we have a nice happy glow in the living room :) 
I have such beautiful tree models. 

For the last 3 years I have video taped parts of our Christmas morning to put together a video of some highlights of Christmas.  Last year I decided to put them all on one DVD and pack it away with our Christmas decorations.  So that this year we can sit down as a family on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day and watch the years past and see how everyone has grown and changed.  I didn't really plan it out to be that way but just thinking about having something like that, that we can add to every year is so exciting.  Many years down the road when all the toys have worn out and the memories have faded I will be able to give my children 10+ years of Christmas mornings. 

This year I decided to record our tree decorating, it's not crazy exciting or wild but it shows us as a family and it will be fun to add to our Christmas DVD collection.  Here's to making some memories this Christmas!